Friday, January 30, 2009

Sickness can ROCK!!!

I went to the gym last night and thought I would have to really dig deep to get through some high rep squats with a real light weight. And although I did not squat nearly as many reps as I wanted, I did lift heavier than I had planned and so I think I just did what my body needed me to do. I ended up squatting 45x10, 95x20, 115x20, 135x10, 45x30. I usually squat much heavier but I was really depleted from my stomach/intestinal virus the last 2 days. I thought I was smoked but wanted to push until I either puked or shit myself, so I went and did some pawltry leg extensions at 75x10, 85x10, 95x10, 100x8, 90x10. Still felt I had something in me and so then I went and did some Smith calf raises with a pair of the 45's x10, then added some 25'sx10, and then took off the 25's and put on the 10's x 10 because my knees were shaking so bad I could barely keep my legs from buckling. I quit the weights then and went to the recumbent bike and put it at a level 5 and cycled for 20 minutes while keeping my heartrate in the 150's. Last, I bumped the intensity level to 10 (on the bike, not my personal 10) and cycled for 5 more minutes while keeping my heartrate still in the 150's. I got a booty cramp in both cheeks on the drive home. Ahhhh!!!! Satisfaction.

So even though my weights were all featherlight compared to what I normally lift, I smoked myself last night and left the gym feeling like I left everything in there, my own personal torture chamber. It usually takes so much more to get me to that feeling like I hammered myself but because I was sick, I hit that high much sooner. I also woke up a half-pound lighter today LOL! I am sure as I get my water levels back up, I will gain 3-5 pounds in the next day or two. At any rate, I loved pushing through my sickness last night and hitting the gym hard. I am also proud that I mostly stayed on diet and did not miss too many meals while sick. I still ate my chicken, sweet potatoes, shakes, oatmeal, and as much water as I could hold down. I even ate 2 servings of tuna while sick! How hardcore I am, LOL!!!! Once you get past the initial puking, the rest is just going through the motions. I think taking the homeopathic pills Nux Vomica really helped because I hardly felt nausea. I actually felt mostly fine, except for the moments I had to let everything out. I think not feeling nauseous was key to beig able to continue eating as much as I did. The pills won't prevent vomiting if that is what your body needs to heal itself, but it sure made a diff in how I felt during the whole ordeal. I highly recommend keeping some in your medicine cabinet during training season. It kept me on track and from losing a lot of ground.

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  1. Danielle I am glad you had a kick ass workout, I am on a high rep low weight program right now and man it really kicks my ass..all these super sets and giant sets..yesterday I felt like suck a puss cause by the end of one of my sets I could barely dumbbell curl was pathetic but man did it burn!! Funny how I can normal lift crazy amounts of weight and then by just switching up to more reps and less rest time I am killing my muscles just as much...funny how the body works.

    BTW hope you feel better real soon, I always hate being sick...and great job on staying on track!