Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Whooped!!!

Haven't been blogging lately because my daughter has a few pageants lined up and that means I am running my ass off getting everything in order for her. But I know she will return the favor when it is MY turn to go on stage for Figure and she will spend hours watching me practice posing and doing turns and walks in 5" heels and encouraging me the whole way! LOL! We are getting her a new modeling/pageant coach and I think it is really going to bump up her stage polish. She saw some girls kick butt and take names at this last pageant who took nearly every crown from the local girls. My daughter was just in awe of their modeling. She kept saying, 'Mom, do you think that girl has the same model coach as that other girl?" When we found out they all had the same coach, we signed her up! They were awesome! They truly deserved to win every crown, they were THAT good!
As for ME...I have been cheating a little here and there but nothing major. I am hitting weights as planned and adding in a 20-25 minute cardio session right after weights instead of training cardio seperately from weights like I WAS doing. Now, the scale is finally dropping. I hope the trend continues. I just have to be careful not to let the cheats "grow" as they can, and you all KNOW what I am talking about! I think white-knuckling my diet was just not a smart move so early in the game. I think I shocked my body and it held on to everything I was eating although I was getting enough calories. I wonder if it recognized comp prep and knew what was to come, LOL! Anyway, the scale likes me lately so let's keep fingers crossed and hands off the doughnuts, right?


  1. THats awesome that the scale is finally moving, I know how much it was bugging you!

    I can't wait to see pics of your girl I am sure she will get the crown for sure!! She has a great mother as a coach also :P

    I wish they had pageants and stuff like that around here cause I could really get into them once I have kids.

  2. Aw, the pageants sound cool! i know you are going to share pics with us right? :D Awesome on your progress! Yeah, keep the cheats in line ;)