Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday Blew Chunks

I definately had a bad day yesterday. I threw up once in the middle of the night and spent the rest of the day shitting diarrhea and thought it would end by this morning. Eeeeert!!! Wrong. I am still shitting my guts out. The good thing is, at least the 5 cookies I ate yesterday did not get to stick around and cling to my ass. Er, well....they DID but not in the way I meant that. I have not eaten totally off plan but I am definately not following my meal plan by skipping meals. I am having a hard time even getting water down and you would think I would just CRAVE that right now.

My TOM finally ended yesterday and do you think my hubby wanted me after I described the above to him? What a wuss!!!! He only kissed me on the cheek and forehead yesterday. LOL! I don't blame him. How attractive can I actually look right now? Oh, and I slept over HALF my day yesterday and have been awake for a total of two hrs today thus far. Grrrr.....I hate being so unproductive. I am going to the gym tonight anyway. I missed the last two days with only one cardio worked in there. I may only be able to do squats tonight (if I still have any intestine left, that is) but I will make them lighter 20-rep squats and try to do 3-4 sets. If that is all I can do, it will be better than nothing. Right?

I might make myself some soup and crusty rolls today. I am thinking between my whacked out hormones and TOM always hanging around, I may not be ready for a May show. I will aim for a Fall one for sure. But who knows? Maybe just sticking to the plan will bring good results, even with TOM being a constant factor.

Oh, yeah, saw "Rise of the Lycans". It was very good. I love werewolves and this movie was actually romantic with it. I never thought the lead actor who played Lucian was that good looking, but after seeing him in this movie, I change my mind. He looks pretty good, even though he isn't too muscular. Still, not bad. Certainly would have been better to get that guy from "The 300". Holy shit! Now that guy was some serious eye candy!!!

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