Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a Quickie....

Bet you thought I was gonna talk about my love life, huh? Nope....

I have offically completed 3 entire weeks on my cutting diet. I have gone through hell it feels like because I am battling major cravings and my body is doing all sorts of weird things. I started at 142.5 lbs and went up then back down then back up and now am right back where I started. I am 142.5 lbs today! I feel thinner in my abs and my back looks leaner when I flex but other than that, no physical changes in my inches, pics, etc....still can't get my favorite denim capris to barely get past my hips, much less buttoned. And because of my cutting, I havelost some strength overall, though not much. but still, I see LESS muscle definition since beginning and experiencing some loss of strength in a few lifts, and only see minimal results for leaning out. usually I drop weight super fast and I have to be very careful. What is up this time?

Some things I have done....dropped dairy as you already know, drop complex carbs to 50 grams a day and all veggie carbs the rest of the day, no complex carbs after 3 pm, consistently hit 150-200 grams of protein each day even on a free meal day. Not sure what else to try. I am hitting 1200-1500 cal per day. I think this might be low. I was getting 1700-1900 cal per day and feeling great but my weight was creeping up a half pound each day instead of dropping and my clothes were getting tighter! So that was when I dropped dairy and that caused my cal to drop. Dropping my cals was not intentional but I just went with it to see what would happen. Not sure what to do now??? I was doing minimal cardio each week to preserve muscle but I think I would like to up my cal back up to 1700-1900 per day while still leaving off dairy and following my new carb pattern and ADDING more cardio. Sort of feel lost right now and very frustrated. I have been battling these cravings and what pulled me thorugh them was knowing I would get great results for my hard work. Without the results, there is no rewards system to keep me going. I seriously want some coconut cake today. This is not good.....


  1. Danielle email me your diet and workout routine and I can give you a bit of advice if you want it. I was going through the same thing at first but it is getting better.

  2. YES!!! I will! Thank you so much!