Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Dost Thou Tempt Me????

I am doing alright with my diet so far since cutting out dairy. But since cutting dairy, my calories automatically dropped and I went from averaging 1900 to 1250 yesterday. NOT GOOD. This causes me to break and eat something off diet, like today when I ate a cupcake I had made for my kids. I am going to have to up my carb count and fill in where the dairy used to be. I only ate the one cupcake and to be honest, it made me sick to my stomach. The first two bites were heavenly and I thought I was getting away with something for a second as a thrill passed through my body from the sugar hitting my bloodstream. But then within a minute after that euphoria, a sweep of nausea passed through me. I could not even eat the last bite of the cupcake. I just trashed it and sat and looked over my entries for the last few days. I have seen where I messed up diet-wise and am correcting it so I don't cave again.

So far though, I have eaten all my meals and hit all my grams of protein and fats. I am lagging on carbs so I think before I go workout tonight, I might eat some oatmeal or I may just eat it AFTER my workout since I workout so late, then I might not have the grumbly tummy during sleep. I always get a complex carb post-workout but I think it might not be enough, so yes, I am decided: I will eat oatmeal before AND after my workout LOL! Isnn't it amazing how diet affects our bodies?


  1. I would step away from the oatmeal if you are training late and change it for a post workout protein shake and an orange...easier to break down...but thats just my opinion.

  2. I have the oatmeal WITH a post-workout 2 scoop shake. I total 42 grams of protein in the shake (it's made with water) and it is very low carb. So I am thinking the oatmeal with the shake will be a good carb to uotake my protein. Should I still ditch theoats?

  3. Its up to you but I know that I dont like any slow digesting carbs after about 1:00 or so...but like I said everyones body is different..Try it if you want and see if it makes a difference...there is a big differnece between fueling your body for power lifting (notice no powerlifter is in crazy musclar, striation shape...LOL) but they can lift like crazy :P

  4. I'll be honest chickie... that cupcake looks very yummy! Not gonna lie!

    But back away from the evil cupcakes! Bad cupcakes!!!