Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pageant Mom vs. Figure Diva

This is one of the dresses I am about to buy for my daughter to move up from competing in the Natural pageant system to the Glitz pageant system. She has done all her modeling classes, learned all the walks for Beauty, Sportswear, ProAm, etc....and she is about to get her first headshots done professionally in March. She has competed the last few years in the natural pageant systems locally and has done very well. She did her first glitz pageant right beore the holidays ran together and got the bug now for Glitz. Her next pageant is another natural one and it is Feb. 1. I am scrambling to get her natural headshots done for that pageant and also trying to come across even MORE money than what we have for yet MORE pageant "stuff". And we all thought being a Figure Diva was $$$$$!!!!! I may have to postpone my comp for May until the fall because my daughter is costing me too much right now LOL! But I guess I don't mind because once I get her settled in on her wardrobe and the headshots done, it isn't so bad keeping it all up. It is just the initial start of it that is a sticker shock. Kind of like when I first competed for Figure and I had to get EVERYTHING for that first show. But now I am competing for much less cost than last time because I already have my suit, shoes, posing lessons, etc.....

I am undecided as to whether I will start her in the short dress or a floor length. She is at the age where it is almost too late to put her in the short but too early for the long dress. She is so excited and that makes me so excited! I am going to find her a cool hairfall but will not do the flipper/snap-on smile (fake teeth) because she naturally has perfect straight white teeth and I like to see at least something real on her when she competes.

When she did the last Glitz pageant, it was very fun to see her all dolled up and doing that perfect Beauty walk for the judges, just looking like she owned the world and was loving every minute of it. Then, she walks off stage and asks for some Cheetos LOL! And it reminded me of how she is such a natural slob and that normally she is dressed nice but is covered in mud, ink or paint stains, food droppings, tangled hair, bad breath (I make her brush her teeth because otherwise...ack!) scabs, and anything else a natural slob would be expected to wear. Pageants are the only time I really get to play dress up with her and we get the whole day together playing in makeup and clothes and laughing.

Plus, she has made friends with the girls she competes with. I was shocked and unsure at first when we began pageantry because the other girls did not seem friendly and they seemed VERY competitive, but really it was just them being matter-of-fact about it all. They immediately wanted to know who taught her modeling, where she got her outfits, who does her hair and makeup (it is trendy to use the professional at the shows and so we normally do), and how long she had been competing. Once they saw she was a serious contender, instead of giving her the cold shoulder, they opened up to her. I just love how they will run up and begin talking, or stand in the lineup before their stage walk and hold hands and show each other how they are shaking. They even go on stage and try to intimidate each other by practicing their walks before the pageant starts and all the while be laughing about it and pointing out each other's flaws and strengths with complete frankness and seriousness. They really just love to excel at this and WIN.

I have learned a lot from them and from my daughter about setting my eyes on the prize and watching for my competition and applying myself. No matter anyone's personal opinions on these little girls and their sport or their moms, pageantry can teach excellence and self-confidence. I have really seen my daughter blossum since beginning pageants a few years ago. Before, she would be mortified with shyness. It practically crippled her socially. But now....she is Wonder Woman! LOL! I want to grow up and be just like her.


  1. Danielle I think pageants are great as long as your daughter WANTS to do them.. you see alot of moms portrayed as forcing there kids to live out here own dreams but they never really focus on the kids that ACTUALLY really want to do the shows and not just cause mom says I should.

    I can't wait to see some pics of her! She will do amazing in the Glitz..IMO I think this year go for the short if she is in the in between stage cause she might look just not quite old enough in the long gown just yet.

  2. I was leaning towards the short, too! I want her to look young as ong as possible, you know? And she def wants to do them! We make her take 2-3 months off at a time and the whole time she psters us about when she can go back to her pageants. She even says if she can't compete that month (we try to do just one a month) then she wants me to take her to watch the other girls so she can cheer them on. I think the diff between her and the weirdo shows we see on TV is that my baby did not start until she was 7 years old and most are lifelong veterans by then. I tried to get her to do them, believe me, but she did not want to and I would not make her. Then I put her little brother in a Hawaiin Tropic Cutie Pie one and he won and she saw the other girls getting pampered and begged to try it. She was hooked after that, LOL! She is soooo addicted to primping LOL! Unfortunately, I will prob never post her pics because I am very afraid of child stalkers. I only do pageants that have strict rules about who they let in as well. Both her pageant directors only let in audience who have a pageant contestant or a pageant mom referral. You just can't be too careful with what pervs will try to twist....

  3. how do i get my daughter in pagent? we live in california i just dont know where to look?