Monday, January 26, 2009

TOM wins AGAIN!!!!

Son of a BITCH!!!!! I am having TOM AGAIN and have for the last 2 weeks! I am so fucking miserable right now!!!

I am reduced nearly to tears with the frustration of it all. I have seen the docs and been told there is nothing wrong with me. Thyroid, blood, cervix, papa, all came back normal. I even had an ultrasound done to check for polyps and tumors...nothing there. I don't want to get on birth control because it always zeroed my sex drive and caused a assload of water retention in me but how is this any better than that? I already have lost ALL sex drive and responsiveness due to all this bleeding. I love my husband so much and it is of no help that he is so fine looking. If he were fat and ugly, maybe it would not be so bad but he isn't and I "miss" him like that, you know? And no, I won't apologize for too much information. Do you remember you clicked on the Adult Content warning I put on my blog? It is there for a reason!

I am heading off to the gym. I have arms and shoulders tonight. I ate pizza today and now I feel even worse. Guilt + water retention from TOM = feeling like shit. Sorry for my negativity, y'all. I will try tobe more upbeat later.....


  1. Dannielle that can't be normal I feel so bad for you...I thought I was bad just getting periods that last 8-10 days but man I can't imagine what you are going through...and I also feel you onthe absolutly no sex drive...maybe itis just inthe air cause I don't want it at all lately and like you say it would be much easier if we wern't attracted to our hubbies so it just makes us feel worse deneying them all the time....If you ever figure out a solution on the sex drive thing give me a call cause I am sure my hubby would pay for everything you ever asked for if we could get it fixed...LOL

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I am so sorry chica...that is no fun. I can't imaging having it for that long and not being able to snuggle up to my huggy!

    Hang in there! Hope you feel better soon too!