Friday, January 16, 2009

My Lovely Lady Lumps

Mmmmmm....the American fast food cheeseburger complete with greasy, salty fries. The only thing better is being a Southerner like myself who knows the simple trick of putting the fries ON the burger and experiencing heaven in just one bite. Now, being a figure competitor and all, I won't eat cheeseburgers and fries, especially fast food ones. But when I get my next free day I just might. Still undecided on that one because when I eat greasy, salty foods my weight blows up and I have a bad case of cellulite and saddle bags to go with my doughy tummy that hangs over my jeans. Now that I am cutting again, and this stuff is quickly going away, I don't want to sabotage myself.
Last night, I had my weekly free meal but I decided against my usual jaguar roll and went to an all-u-can eat buffet where I did NOT eat all I could eat. I thought it best to go there instead of a drive-thru because there was a salad bar and I could fill up on greens first and opt for healthier options like the baked chicken and the pizza that they cut into super small slices. Seriously, they were small slices. Just take your thumbs and pointer fingers and touch them to the opposite hand, making a triangle. That is how small the slices were. I ate only two such slices of spinach alfredo pizza with my baked chicken and a small side of mac n cheese. I finished with a small bit of banana pudding and one small Diet Coke. I just feel so proud of myself! Usually, I pig out real bad and leave my free meal feeling sick and wobbly.
I don't plan to binge eat anymore on my weekly free meal. It just insn't worth it. I am too far along in my progress at this point in my physique transformation game to not suffer huge consequences for changing my diet even in the smallest way. When I was first beginning to lift and diet, I had NO muscle and a load of fat on top of bone. I was very weak! And so a free meal really helped to amp my metabolism and help me drop the fat. But now I have muscle and enough fat is gone that eating something different could lead to extreme bloating or watery diarrhea and that causes me to hold water. Everything is just so fine-tuned right now. So, no, there is very little chance I will be eating cheeseburgers for my free meals anytime soon. Or at least I could do one and not do it for a month. But that is just so much harder than not having one at all! Don't you think? Kinda like eating cookies...we can never eat just ONE. It ends up being a few and for some of us, a whole batch. Been there, done that. Don't want to be that way again.
For now, I enjoy my approved foods and getting up each morning to look at myself in the mirror while naked. Why? Because EVERY morning I find some new improvement. It is like getting a gift everyday to see the small changes. I love that! More than the competition fo comparing myself to other women in the tall class, I rather experience finding new changes each day. I have worked so hard and I deserve these little gifts. If you are someone who is just beginning your weight loss journey, please stick it out. You deserve these changes and these little everyday gifts, too! You will not be sorry!


  1. Hey Danielle,
    I am so thrilled to have found your blog! I love your writing style and you have me LMAO!
    I agree about the cheat meals, although I still have a really hard time controlling myself. I think I need to go out to eat for mine so its all gone and then I can go home to clean foods. But man everytime I have one now my saddlebags, ass and stomach blow up and its sooo noticeable :(

  2. LOVED reading about you checking yourself out naked every day and instead of beating yourself up or focusing on the negative, you are focusing on the positive - the improvement! Nice job girl!
    Also like how you are adjusting cheat meals to what works for you.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks, girls! And thanks, tea, for liking my writing style. I am glad all the years of creative writing have finally paid off...on my free blog, LOL! Now if I could only get published I could afford a nicer pair of heels and a new glitzed suit for comp day, right?

  4. Super post Danielle! That burger looks yummy :D Glad you are gaining some momentum and seeing the daily changes. I just love that! When we start seeing great results, we don't want to undo it so i understand where you are coming from. Keep it up!