Thursday, January 22, 2009

And it is a GOOOOOD Morning!!!!!

Holy mother of wonderful days!!!! My scale IS capable of dropping below 142.5, LOL!

I weighed in this morning and am down a half-pound (142 for the numerically challenged) and I did not even use a laxative tea last night. Oh, the things I do to compete......

Something weird...I used my tuna in a packet yesterday for the first time on this diet (have not had it in months) and by mistake I see I have purchased the wrong one. I got the kind in sunflower oil instead of in water..grrrr! But I ate it anyway and since I was not seeing that danged scale move and I wanted to be mean to myself, I ate my tuna with Miracle Whip lite and about 10 whole wheat Ritz crackers. And I woke up lighter. I wonder what I ever did to the Universe that it would toy with me in the way that it does. I must have been a real pain in the ass in the spirit world before coming to earth, huh? What....did I dangle loogies over the mouths of my spirit siblings? What????


  1. Sending you BIG hugs! Keep up the hard work girl. You body is just fighting you, but you will win the war!

  2. you are going to get past the stumbling block I promise!!

  3. Oh snaps - I have done that before (oil versus water) and it SUCKS! But good for you for keeping with it. :)

    Keep working hard at it and you will get there!


  4. LOL re: the loogies. You probably needed some fat. I've done the same thing as well has forgotten to pack something in my lunch bag and had to do what I could. You did great. You will win the war!