Monday, April 20, 2009

My new Baby!!!

See the brindle boxer pup in the middle? She is my new girl. I got her from our neighbors. They had her for her first year but their schedules have gotten hectic and she is being kenneled too much so I took her. They were kind enough to let me! LOL! I loved her from the moment they brought her home, really, I did. She is so sweet! Every morning she would stick her head under my fence into my back yard and say hello with these really expressive eyes. And I could not help but get down on my knees and kiss her muzzle sticking out from under my fence. She was so darned precisous! She is covered in a yeast infection and purely miserable right now. I have her an appt to get her spayed in May and I am treating her yeast with home remedies since her last vet visit did not help with that. I will try the vet again after I tried the home remedies. She has been here a little over a week and she is absolutely happy here. I am proud of that. my other dogs LOVE her and they all play so well together. I still love labs the best, though, cuz they just are so much calmer than boxers and more teddy bear-like in their demeanors. Izzy is just a bundle of energy but she gets enough exercise wrestling my other two behemoths. I bought her a seatbelt for my front seat because the other two have their own spots in the back of the van and in the back seat. They don't like to ride up front but Izzy does. I took her out today to Petsmart and got her a better halter and got her nails trimmed. I have switched her food so I got some more of that, as well.

As for my other passion, lifting, it is getting frustrating. I am mostly keeping my diet. My scale has stopped moving but I am fine with that cuz I cheat too much on diet. I am just happy I am not going back up and that I am able to take some time to stave off the burnout. The lifting feels much harder though I have not lost strength. I am just not progressing in my weights like I would like to. At least I am not losing ground though. I feel as if I surge and die, surge and die, weith my diet and training. I don't have the stamina to keep at it for a long steady run enough to get real results. Just when I see results start rolling in, I quit for a bit (or hold back rather), and take a bit of a break. I can't seem to keep the fire going like other competitors can. I just get tired so easily and I give in to temptation. I am certainly sleeping enough and training enough but the diet is just so not gonna happen for me, at least perfectly, like it needs to. If I could lock down the eating, everyting would fall into place for fat loss. I am not so sure about muscle gain, but I know for fat loss, I could do better.

I have legs tonight. Sort of stoked about that! I plan to go up on my ~gasp!~ leg extensions LOL! I read on t-nation that for folks with these really long skinny ass limbs that leg press and leg extensions have helped many to get more definition where squats have not helped. I have done squats for years as heavy as I could stand and made steady progress and still no great quad developement. But deadlifts, on the other hand, aremaking my ass look killer in jeans! I love me some deadlift booty appreciation in the gym LOL! Well...better get off my lazy blogging ass and eat something for my legs tonight. Gotta fuel to grow!!!