Saturday, January 3, 2009


Have y'all heard of this? There is a movement by the anorexic crowd where they look for pics of skeleton waifs like the one above and call it "Thinspiration". I was noticing the arms on Angelina Jolie on her movie poster for "Wanted" and thought, "Ick." How absolutely stupid that they cast her as that strong, dominant female character when her body is so obviously lacking strength. She is just thin and nothing more. Not saying she isn't beautiful but why does she get roles like lara Croft and that Wanted character when she can't pull them off? Why not get someone who has beautiful shape to their arms and some strength? Why this waif love affair America has going on? I just could not live like that! I once got down to 95 lbs in college when I wanted to look just like Kate Moss. i was 5'9" tall and she was NOT yet I wanted to be so thin. The sad thing is, even though my hair was falling out, and my teeth hurt all the time, my nails had cracks running lengthwise down to an infected nailbed, and my bones throbbed almost constantly, people kept telling me I was gorgeous, that I kept looking better each day. WTF???? I look back at how many "friends" who did NOT love me and I resent them now. My mom and brother did not even recognize me when I came home. I had to get in their face at the airport and say HELLO!!!! My brother looked shocked and my mom was just speechless (which is saying a lot cuz she is never at a loss for words). They drove me straight to TACO BELL, LOL! But I got home and began to see that I just wasn't mature enough to handle the stress of life away from home at such a young age so I took 6 mos back at home to get a job and get my health back before I went back to school and got my own apartment. I had to really take a long hard look at myself and my self-value.

Now I strive for a good healthy weight. I am still thin but I have some muscle now and as long as I am careful with my nutrition and can support my body through heavy training and maintain good nutrition through it all, I am happy. I never NEVER want to go back to the waif model look again. EVER.


  1. Danielle, I am so glad that you found your way back to a healthy lifestyle. I don't really understand how people can think that being "waif" thin is attractive... You are right about Angelina...

  2. Wow, didn't know this Danielle. So glad you got out of that lifestyle. Waif thin isn't attractive. I felt SO SKINNY on my first comp and i didn't see it right away. I cringe looking back at the pics and vids. Hey, you live and learn :) I love Angelina Jolie, but she does need to put some weight on...some HEALTHY CURVES. I could go for some TACO BELL right about now...hehe...JK!!