Monday, December 29, 2008

The Proclaimers

Here they are: the best band in the WORLD!!! I love love LOVE these guys! They are the cutest guys in the world and not to brag, but my husband looks like them. I am soooo lucky! LOL! I just got their last two albums after years fo freaking waiting over here in Podunk Mississippi. I am still trying to get their first album but I have found some sellers on Amazon who have some used copies and so I am ordering it at payday in a couple days. I have had their other albums about a year after each release date (slow to trickle into the U.S.) since I was a young teen and long before the internet was around (yep, I am old at 33 yrs LOL!). I would scour music stores in malls and out of the way places that still sold old record albums and would hit gold once in awhile and find an album. I never would know when one was coming out, just sort of had to keep snooping. Hey, it isn't like they play them on the airwaves over here so I just ever could keep current.
At any rate, I only lack one album, and will get it soon enough. The reason I am so in love with them is because each of their albums has practically documented something profound in my life at the time I came across it. I remember really struggling with my faith when I was in my late teens and early twenties, just trying to find my way, and I would hear their song "I Want to Be a Christian". I thought not much of it at the time but as I played that album while dressing for the day, my grandmother would be sitting in the living room listening to that and would say how she loved these songs even though she could barely understand their words. She was very Southern and a Scottish accent was hard for her to grasp with her dimishing hearing. Now when I hear that song, I think of her in those days. For each person in my life, I have found a song by The Proclaimers that speaks volumes about my feelings for my loved ones. I remember sitting and feeling so miserable after the birth of my first child, my daughter, and it being the wee hours of morn and still no sleep for either of us. I would feel so frustrated and depressed and just be sitting there rocking and crying with my screaming babe. And I would turn on their CD and "Your Childhood" would soothe us both, reminding me of how lucky I was to have her and finally be a mother.
I could blog chapters of how big a fan I am of these brothers but do yourself a favor instead: go find an album and give it a listen. I think I have at least 2 of their songs on my playlist currently. I will try to add more but they are not well-known here in the States so I have to grab what I can, when I can. Since Jerome is a Highland's thrower, I am making plans to see if they will play any Highland's festivals in North America and go to see them. If not, Jerome will be sticker-shocked when I finangle a way to buy 2 plane tickets to go see them in Scottland and maybe get the honeymoon we never had. If I ever get to see them in concert, I am wearing my sexiest bra cuz you know I am flashing it baby!!! I honestly will be embarrassed to be seen at their concerts cuz my behavior will be CRAZAY!!!!! I will have to learn some self-control, I think LOL! Jerome will be seeing the public whore side of me and he may not know how to handle it.....


  1. I will have to check them out. Funny how we still hold on to some great bands that we relate to growing up and how the songs speak to us :) Its really cool though. We are not old :D

  2. I am sitting here listening to "Now and Then" by these guys. It makes me cry. I am thinking of my grandmother. I miss her entirely too much some days:(