Saturday, December 27, 2008

No Dykes Here!

What I mean by that title is...just because you are a female lifter does not mean you are a lesbian. So guys...look all you want! LOL! You might can get some of the goody-good good stuff if you prove worthy by being able to outlift your woman. So just try to keep up, 'kay?

The above pic is from the crossfitatlanta website.

I love it because the woman looks like a woman. She is also OBVIOUSLY strong and not worried about what people may think of her as she is lifting. When I first started lifting, some of the more intimidating lifts were ones that required me to stick my ass out while guys walked right past or even brazenly stood and stared as I tried squats or deadlifts for the first time. I worried my ass looked fat, or worse, that men were staring and judging me, or a moment in hell thinking "What if I bust through my shorts?" As time has marched on, I have become stronger and I no longer worry about anyone watching me squat or deadlift. Now, when anyone looks, be they man or woman, I feel proud that I do what I do and that I do it with perfect form and am most likely impressing them with the fact that I am the rarely seen female lifter who takes her workout seriously. I love when I see eyes covertly watching me in the gym's mirrors and then see men stop and stare as I pull out my belt and journal. I love it when they walk past as I am deadlifting and slow down and stare at my ass. Go ahead! Get a good hard look cuz this ass might be a little fat right now but as I whittle closer to competition, it only gets leaner and meaner, and is gonna turn EVERY head EVERYWHERE I go. So I better be able to stand a few looks in the gym cuz it is only going to get worse (better).

So how about it ladies??? Can you handle the stares? The looks of appreciation? The admonitions to not look manly? The sneers from other women who are exceptionally jealous you have the fantastic booty that looks like a steak and makes men just want a grab hold and take a bite? Yeah, that's the ass I want!


  1. LOL, Danielle! When I was doing squats today (went up to 225 lbs for 2 reps), Joe, my trainer, had a running monologue on how my a$$ looked and how good my form was. He even called a couple of guys over to brag about both! I'm sure I turned a little red... :D I love the title of your blog today!

  2. LOL! Admit it: you only made a comment so you had an oppurtunity to brag about your 225 lb squats. Beotch! :) Love 'ya, girl!!! Keep making the grown men cry....

  3. Well, of course, gotta brag where I can! :D Love ya too!

  4. Yep... let them stare! Were strong woman and we don't have to make excuses!