Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Trainer

Did another workout of Jerome's last night and OMG, I am sore in places I did not know had muscles. I can't believe how strong I am either! I never knew my own strength and Jerome is just not putting up with my crap. He says go lift this and do this in weight. And I think, he is a freaking lunatic if he thinks I can lift THAT! but then I know I have to put in real effort or there will be no muscle so I go and I just DO IT. And then step back and feel freaking powerful! I can not believe I can lift as much as I am lately. And I thought I was really pushing myself before! And not to knock trainers but I have had two trainers give me workouts, and looked at workouts on all these figure sites, and NONE of them were what I was looking for (bosu balls, stability balls, pylometrics, donkey kicks...PLEASE....time wasters). I wanted to LIFT heavy stuff. And now I am and the workouts are FINALLY fun. I am really enjoying them. AND...I am FINALLY seeing muscle develope! What good does donkey kicks do when you can deadlift over 200 lbs??? How useless and stupid it is to waste time doing those shitty "girl" workouts. I guess women are scared to be seen lifting like a man and so the trainers cater to that. Even strippers do better workouts than most figure competitors! Shame.....

Being married to my trainer has so many perks, LOL! Payment is easy and fun, all sorts of special attention to my diet and workouts, and he has even learned my usual numbers on my weights. I feel really bad that he is sitting out on so much gym time because of his leg injury from over a year ago. For those who don't know, he is a competitive powerlifter and Highlands athlete (caber toss, sheaf toss, etc....Scottish Games) and last November, he won everything in his class at our huge local Scottish Festival in the Highlands Games. He saw a demo of Celtic/Scottish Backhold Wrestling and wanted to try it with our oldest son. He was paired up against a big bear of a man and when they went down, Jerome's leg turned funny and snapped in over 150 places in his tibia, requiring major surgery for a long steel plate and about 15 screws. He developed a major infection under the plate that could not be cleared up at any time this year and had to endure loads of pain and pus in his leg. He finally just this week was able to have the surgery to remove that evil plate and the amount of infection was staggering to the surgeon. Well, no shit, Sherlock! The military surgeon who put the plate in probably dropped the damn thing on the floor and then picked it up, licked it off, and hammered it in. Fuck nuts!!! Anyway, he has been a real trooper just dealing with all that pain and still going to work and even lifting for upper body in the gym so as not to lose too much strength at least there. He is planning on doing his first powerlifting meet back from injury this spring but he will only be able to do the bench portion, not deadlift or squat. Poor guy! Squats are his favorite! At least he now has time to train me LOL!


  1. It is great to lift heavy isn't it? I go to the gym and am lifting heavier than a lot of the guys. It's funny to watch them looking around to see who's watching them... I had one look over at me and say isn't that a little heavy for you? I laughed and said naw, that's my starting weight, I'll be going heavier on my 2nd and 3rd sets... :D I'm glad Jerome was able to have the surgery... He must be pretty frustrated.

  2. Hey Girl! I love that you like to lift heavy like me..it's the only way to GROW!!
    Can't wait till your next comp I am sure you will pack on some great muscle mass this year!

  3. LOL! Yep, I get a LOT of stares from guys at the gym. A lot of negative snide remarks, too, from some guys and not many women have NOT glared at me or sneered like thy smelled something bad when watching me lift. Fuck 'em! Although there are loads of guys who flirt or who walk slowly past me and smile or nod encouragement. I think most guys appreciate a woman sweating and grunting in the gym instead of standing there like some ho-bag pumping the 5 lb DB's while the thong is showing out the bag of her yoga pants.