Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meaty Arms

I can now EZ curl 60 lbs! I can only do it once though. I can easily do 50x6x3.

Jerome keeps grabbing my arms and saying, "Your arms are getting meaty!" Hearing that just gets me so giddy! I tried to pull on a blouse the other day that has puffed sleeves with a fitted cuff over the biceps. Well, I could not get my upper arms through the sleeves. So I cut slits into the cuffs and now the shirt looks trashy but heck...I worked hard for those biceps! I am going shopping for Christmas and buying loads of sleeveless shirts to show off my new upper body.

Not sure if I am doing the comp in May or not. We are still waiting on orders out of here to Scott AFB. I hope to compete one last time here and then move and compete up there all in one season. Here is to being really disciplined....

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