Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why I Might Quit Competing!

Tonight, we took the kids to our annual Christmas dinner at Sakura's Japanese restaurant/Sushi bar. Some very generous man came in and ordered every table a Jaguar roll for Christmas. I was the only one to try it at our table and I fell in love. I could not believe how good that stuff tasted! it might be my downfall to competing LOL! I may not be able to sustain this strict diet if I can't stop thinking about that sushi roll. What will become of me?
Other than that, I have been sleeping most of the day because I had today off workouts and diet. I nibbled a little through the day, no binge eating thankfully, but I did enjoy a large dinner with 3 glasses of iced Diet Coke. I bet I look like a water-bloated corpse tomorrow morning! At least I can get under the squat bar and do something useful for myself, something redeeming for the junk I have been eating lately. I begin serious cutting in January as I mentioned before and so I am enjoying every meal as if it was the last time I might get to taste it. When I cut, I don't hunger to fill my belly to bursting like a lot of folks who diet do. Instead, I hunger for satisfying my taste buds. I want to hold food in my mouth and just savor its deliciousness. I begin to get cravings for things I am denying myself and only because I am denying them. Once I eat a little bit of it (a few bites really!) I no longer want ti and can walk away from it. I am lucky like that I guess. I have friends who will eat to the point of wanting to puke. I guess I understand this because I could do this with cookies, my favorite comfort food, though usually after eating 3-4 I feel quesy so that helps me to stop.
Less than a week left before I begin cutting. I am actually looking forward to it! Time to slowly unveil what I have worked so hard towards!

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  1. Yeah, you are lucky when you can walk away from food like that. I need to get that way and fast! For some reason chocolate calls my name with a vengance lately... :D