Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cowgirls Don't Cry

The cartoon above makes me laugh because my husband is so muscular that he has trouble buckling his own seatbelt. I love watching him twist as far as his body will go and practically diving at the seatbelt, frantically trying to grab it like some liferope or something. Crazy! Well, one thing is certain...I will NEVER have this problem LOL!

When I was little, I used to ride rodeo and horseshows. I did rodeo pageants on my cute little pony and also barrelraced my ponies. I was little! Only four and got my first horse at five. My very first pony was a mean little cuss who would try ot throw me at every chance, rub my legs against barbed fence, try to squirm away from any saddle or bridle wearing. Just a real pain in my ass! I did not like him. but then my daddy bought me a pretty little white pony who was not treated so kind by another littleboy. he was my pride and joy! I would race him out of the barn and pull sharp on the reigns to get him to rear up and my daddy would run out and scream at me and then take away my pony for playing so rough and dangerous. I had no fear! I would get thrown or fall off a horse when barrel racing or breaking in the new ones and would often get the wind knocked out of me. I wanted to cry the first time I can recall it but my daddy said don't cry, just get back on right NOW or you will be too afraid to do it later. And he would pick me up and put me right back in the saddle and say get back to work. And I would. I know this advice has served me well all the days of my life.

Right now my RA is trying to claim my life in every way. But I am refusing to let it! I am back in the saddle every day, not crying about it and limping around like everyone should pity poor little me. I have a new lifting program that will hopefully allow me to keep my strength but use less reps so less damage on my joints. I also have recommitted to my diet. Not that I was far from it ever but you know how it goes, a little slap from life and you start to slip on the diet. I got to keep that shit under control! Otherwise, cookies day and night for me LOL!

Last night, had a fight with hubby (still fighting) and got so mad at him, I drove to DQ for one of those Pecan Mudslides. I got one but I only ate very little of it. I decided to just do the right thing at that moment and just get that one moment right. I have no idea what will happen next and can not change what I already have done in the past but I can control RIGHT NOW. So I left the ice cream to melt in the car and went to a late night show and watched Coraline. It was good to get away from it all and not think about treats or problems. The movie was really good, too!

Tonight I will be doing my first workout on my new program. I will let y'all know how the first week goes with my RA. I have 3 workouts per week now and with a day's rest between them. I do this for 4 weeks then I have another plan for the following 4 weeks. Let's see where I am at in 8 weeks. Hopefully, further than where I have been while I was in remission. That would be so cool!!!!


  1. You rock it girl! The stage is calling to us, and it will be time to slip on those clear heels again soon.

  2. Good deal about not eating all the ice cream. I know i have had my share of emotion eating, but later on regret it like hell! How are your workouts going?

  3. Nice job with the self restraint! I am lucky enough to not have emotional triggers to food. :) Can't wait to hear about how the new program is going!!