Monday, February 9, 2009


This pic is ZERO makeup, I swear! Her lips are red from being chapped LOL! And she was super cold and wanted to go home, not do pics so she is glaring at me. But still, look at how green her eyes are! And this hair! So pretty...

I just posted but I want to post a few pics of my daughter so people can see how beautiful God made her. She is WONDERFUL in every way and I love her to pieces. I am so blessed ot have a daughter like her! Beauty, brains, a kind heart, she is the total package. An angel!!! I will look over her pageant pics but I am hesitant to put them on here because with the pageant Glitz makeup, you can't recognize her and I worry about child stalkers who look for pageant girls. These pics are of my daughter WITHOUT the pageant glitz and glitter. A normal girl. BTW....that first pic is from when she did her robotics competition. She wants to go into engineering in college.

If there are any Tracker Divas who want to see her pageant pics, including headshots, I will send them to you via personal email. Just email me your addy through here or tracker and I will set you up through Kodak Gallery to view her stuff in one folder.

Okay...I am outta here! Gotta go eat some dead animal.

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  1. She is a beautiful girl! You should be sooo proud! And she looks alot like you!