Friday, March 13, 2009


I have been MIA for quite awhile here in bloggerland but no worries! i have not been MIA with my online friends, the Co-Divas!

Let's see...where to start.....

Oh, yeah! My weight is finally coming off. It's about time! But I had to go off diet a couple weeks and let my weight stabilize at the high point before it got any higher. Weird, huh? Dieting was making me FAT but not dieting was stabilizing my weight. So...on a whim, I bought the Fat to Fit ebook series by Ray Burton. He is pretty cool and his stuff is simple, nothing new, no weird gimmicks, just plain old common sense and loads of support to lift and eat right. He has a cool website and I am one of his long-time subscribers. So about time I bought his books, right? Well, it turns out that John Berardi of Precision Nutrition (I know all of you know him but some newbie might not so I had to toss it out there like I was name dropping) developed a 5-day meal plan just for the newbies beginning to lift and diet using Ray Burton's books. I tried the diet but added in extra calories in form of protein, just addeding in an extra scoop with each shake but kept the food portions the same. So in the first week, I lost THREE freaking pounds!!! I went from 144 lbs to 140.5 lbs. I am rounding down to 3 but soon it will be 4. I am so excited!

And because the diet is so healthy, my period has not been as rough in the PMS dept like it usually is, my nails are growing like I am on prenatal vitamines, and best of all, I get fruit at EVERY meal! I plan to use this diet for 4 weeks (am in week 2) and then I will switch up the macros using the same foods every four weeks according to how far out from comp I am. I am 12 weeks out right now, almost 11 come Monday, I think.

Anyway, not much new in the lifting dept. My arthritis is giving me less trouble. Dare I say, I might even be going into remission again? I sure hope so! But not likely. At least I am lifting full force again. PLUS, my cool as hell hubby bought me some sexy new wrist wraps and they are bright pink. I love them! If he ever gets me a bright pink thong I will wear them together to convince him to buy me some cool new lifting gloves LOL! Won't THAT be fun?

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