Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching Up....

A little morbid, huh? Well, that's me, sitting at my mamaw's grave. She meant the world to me and I still dream about her alot. I was moving away from my beloved Mississippi and made it a point to pass through my old hometown. I got out to the cemetary and said goodbye again. This is me in my raggedy glory LOL! Gym clothes, as usual, but tired from hotel stays and taking care of 3 kids and 3 big dogs in said hotels. Not fun. I think my grandma would have hugged me for all the work these kids and dogs are then she would have said, "Get rid of the dogs and don't have no more babies because they are killing you!"

And she would have meant it, too! LOL!

As for catching up.....

I have moved from the South to the mid-West. Back to the state where my last two children were born. Thanks, Air Force! But I like it here. I now own my very first home and it is a BEAUTY! I am thankful for it and thankful my husband has a stable career in the military that allows us to afford this nice home. As for me, I am looking for a job. Not a career. That will come when I finish my schooling which I begin in the Fall of '10. For now, I am trying to get a website up that sells big dog diva stuff. I am combining my talents of pageantry with my love of dogs and putting together some very nice and unique products. All this is for fun, of course! I am still looking for a real job, meanwhile.

Fitness had to take the back burner while we moved. I t took us all summer to move, to find a home, to close on said home. Meantime, we lived in hotels and KOA campgrounds for nearly 8 weeks. It was sad. And highly stressful. I quite dieting and working out. But I only gained like 5 lbs from the whole ordeal so no big losses. I am back on track as of today and have already lost 1 of the 5 lbs. Not gonna focus on the muscles for a while. Just fat loss for now. However, I do pla to still lift as a way to lose fat. I just hate cardio too much to not lift as well. I need all the extra help I can get!

Today, at the gym, the NEW gym for me, I felt lost. So very very lost. I tried to lift smaller than I was doing to get back in the swing of things but even that felt awkward and HEAVY. I felt like a slug and very unbalanced. I walked around trying a little of everything to see if I could find a groove somewhere. But NO! No groove for me today. So I spent about an hour lifting pretty much nothing, just doing 10 reps of everything I tried in free weights and machines. I even got on this one dumb machine where you SIT DOWN and then press on some handles and it is supposed to work your triceps. I say BULLSHIT! I did not feel a thing except for STUPID! SO I went back to my fav, skullz with the EZ curl bar. I did them just barely and worried because my gangly long legs felt like they barely touched the floor so I just did not feel solid on the bench. I quit before I seriously hurt myself. I went home and wrote out my workouts. Diet has been on track for a week now but lifting, no. Not anymore, most boxes are unpacked now and no excuse not to lift. All my kids are in school now so I am at home alone all day! I plan to throw dinner in the crockpot (best invention EVAH!) and head out to the gym, my little paradise. And since my gym has an olympic-sized pool for laps, guess what new form of cardio I will be doing? Yep! Better go buy myself a one piece so the grayhaired people take me seriously as I stroke past the water aerobics class. I might even buy a swimming cap and goggles. Who knows?


  1. I bet you are relieved! Phew! After all the transitions. Your workout clothes are cute! And I am very close to my grandma too so I know where you are coming from. She is still here with us but lives so far away and it sucks! Good luck with your new website and business. If you need help let me know! And, you asked if I sell on Etsy..I don't. I didn't like that site...I have my own thru only $11 a month! And you update it all yourself!

  2. Have missed seeing you on the Diva board!! Congrats on the house!!